The World, Cultures, Languages, Music, Kindness, The Environment

Lala The Great
A one of a kind virtual Global Playground!

Lala the Great brings a fun interactive experience that blends cultural exploration and the power of music, with lessons of respect, kindness and understanding that will help kids navigate the complexities of our diverse and interconnected world.

Travel the world

“Lala the Great” is a virtual Global Playground where children can explore and learn together about different countries, cultures and languages in a safe environment. Kids can go on fun quests, form music bands and travel to more than 70 cities around the world.

The Journey

The journey starts with the kids arriving to the Whistlers train station and after a brief tutorial they create their avatars, choose their musical instruments and embark on quests and adventures that take them to faraway lands. There they will learn about diverse cultures, languages and music, while being encouraged to be kind and respect differences, gaining empathy as they learn about the many ways we connect with one another.

The Legend of Lala

At the heart of the game experience is the Legend of Lala - a mythical song that once helped end conflicts and bring peace to the world. This legend serves as a guiding force on the quests, encouraging kids to work together in the search for rare cultural items and collaborate to recreate this mythical song that once brought all people together.  

The 3 R's

The game's unique goals can be summarized with the 3 “R”s:
· Respect for your own culture and unique traditions,
· Respect for others’ cultures and unique traditions,
· Respect for nature and our planet.

Core Objectives


Talk to people from around the world in your language and theirs, or in a language of music


Visit different countries around the world and learn about their cultures, customs and people.


Street Corners has both public access and separate registered access for schools.


Compose music, make a band with friends, play your songs on a stage, go on a world tour


We are all different and diverse. Learn the importance of kindness, respecting other people’s words and traditions to build a better understanding of each other.


Get a passport and go explore the world to experience different countries


We have one world and one environment, take care of it by doing your part. Recycle, reuse and expand the use of green energy sources, like Solar and Wind.

Learning Quests

Music Tours Quests

Learn geography and cultures while traveling the world to play concerts with your band

Kindness Quests

Compose songs and perform concerts for a cause or to make someone feel better

Discovery Quests

Discover and explore famous places and the people who made changes

Environmental Quests

Learn ways to conserve and protect the environment

Cultural Quests

Learn about other cultures, their sports, food, customs, music and langauge

Travel Quests

Explore the world by traveling to other countries and unlock new music and instruments you can play

Be who you want to be while learning about the world

Play together to make the world a better place

Culture Music Language Play Collaboration

Lala The Great is all about helping children grow kind, smart and strong, preparing them to stand fearless in the world

A virtual global playground where children all over the world can play and learn together becoming greater global citizens that lead the way to a more peaceful world

Education Mission

Soft Skills

Creativity, collaboration and adaptability are critical for success in our rapidly changing world

Decision Makers

Lala The Great is all about helping children grow kind, smart and strong, preparing them to stand fearless in the world

Arts Programs

There is a need for more programs addressing the visual and performing arts for young children

Combat Bullying

Develop empathy and instill values of kindness, respect and understanding to help prevent bullying


Experience different languages and encourage respectful communication to improve our understanding of each other

Building Relationships

Listen, be respectful, be kind, and be a fearless Whistler!

Music Programs

Music programs that foster soft skills are in need in schools and in kids lives


Learn about the environment, ecosystems and ways to reduce or eliminate our harmful impacts to restore and improve the environment

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