The importance and impact of the Lala The Great initiative is crucial in our times.

Conflicts routed in misunderstanding, prejudice and hate are on the rise. Now more than ever new approaches to advancing children’s understanding and appreciation of the value of diversity in our world is critically important. Lala the Great is designed to do this by fostering understanding to bridge cultural gaps and show ways to address real-world issues like bullying and hate crimes in schools.

Federal report finds steady rise in hate crimes at schools 

According to an FBI report released on Monday Jan 29, 2024, as many as one in 10 hate crimes in the U.S. take place at schools - from kindergarten through college - with Black and African American students being the most frequent targets, followed by Jewish and LGBTQ victims.

This initiative seeks to address this issue directly by providing a playful yet impactful environment for children to learn, grow and open their minds together.

Through engaging activities like making music and embarking on cultural, musical, environmental, and kindness quests, we not only entertain but also facilitate genuine learning experiences.

Respect and The '3 Rs': Respecting our own cultures, respecting others' cultures, and respecting nature and our planet – are an integral part of the student’s journey experience, making the assimilation of values a natural and fun process for children.

Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate future global citizens who effortlessly embrace care, kindness, and respect, contributing to a more harmonious world through the authentic medium of play.

Four Tips for Teachers Confronting hate speech at school

  1. Start with you -  it’s essential for educators to process their own feelings before they are asked to make decisions
  2. Practice  taking conscious, rehearsed actions
  3. After an incident - ask what was behind their action, ask the student, what did he or she expect to get out of it
  4. Keep talking -Let the student express their anger. In the end, you’ll still be able to have your say. You’ll still be able to tell the student what you didn’t appreciate, and where you disagree. 

Report on Students’ Experiences with Bullying, Hate Speech, Hate Crimes, and Victimization in Schools


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