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Lala The Great
A one of a kind virtual Global Playground

Lala The Great is a one-of-a-kind online virtual platform designed as a transformative educational tool for schools. This unique virtual global playground leverages the power of play to advance student's understanding of different cultures, traditions and languages in positive ways so they gain an appreciation of value of diversity and ways to address real-world issues like bullying in schools. The goal is to nurture future global citizens through engaging activities that foster kindness, empathy and respect.

Our virtual global playground is a dynamic educational platform carefully designed for children, utilizing music and the transformative power of play.  We are excited to introduce this enriching experience into the classrooms and homes so it can be integrate it into an educational curriculum!

Recognizing the pressing need for inclusivity and understanding and by harnessing the inherent joy of play, we aim to create opportunities for students from schools around the world to connect, encouraging them through quests, to work and have fun together, making new friends from all cultures and religions, discovering, in the process, the shared humanity that unites us all.

The importance and impact of the Lala The Great initiative is crucial in our times.

Conflicts routed in misunderstanding, prejudice and hate are on the rise. Now more than ever new approaches to advancing children’s understanding and appreciation of the value of diversity in our world is critically important. Lala the Great is designed to do this by fostering understanding to bridge cultural gaps and show ways to address real-world issues like bullying and hate crimes in schools.

Central Themes -
The World

Exploring our world is a fascinating journey. Have you ever wondered about the locations of different countries? Dive into the immersive world of geography and discover your role within it. Acquire a passport within the game, unlocking the ability to travel to diverse countries and cities, providing a unique experience of each place. Embrace the beauty of our shared world—it’s the only one we have. Join us in understanding and appreciating it.

Problem Solving

As children cultivate creativity and playful problem-solving skills, they are laying the groundwork for their overall learning. Our emphasis is on fostering flexible thinking and curiosity, igniting exploration and enabling children to discover the joy inherent in experimentation.

We firmly believe that a solid foundation is key to a child’s success. This foundation begins with the fundamentals nurturing a lifelong passion for learning. Each element receives dedicated attention to ensure a comprehensive approach to education. Our focus encompasses:

Federal report finds steady rise in hate crimes at schools 

According to an FBI report released on Monday Jan 29, 2024, as many as one in 10 hate crimes in the U.S. take place at schools - from kindergarten through college - with Black and African American students being the most frequent targets, followed by Jewish and LGBTQ victims.

This initiative seeks to address this issue directly by providing a playful yet impactful environment for children to learn, grow and open their minds together.

Through engaging activities like making music and embarking on cultural, musical, environmental, and kindness quests, we not only entertain but also facilitate genuine learning experiences.

Respect and The '3 Rs': Respecting our own cultures, respecting others' cultures, and respecting nature and our planet – are an integral part of the student’s journey experience, making the assimilation of values a natural and fun process for children.

Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate future global citizens who effortlessly embrace care, kindness, and respect, contributing to a more harmonious world through the authentic medium of play.

Embracing Cultures

We strive to educate and inform kids though fun interactive experiences and exploratory immersion.

We believe that what the world needs right now are kids that look towards the future with an understanding of the differences we all have, but also how similar we all are.

Creating a better world requires the integration of diverse skills and perspectives from around the globe. We believe working collaboratively to address societal challenges is key and that we must work together to solve the problems and issues that face us as a society.

Lala The Great embraces diversity encouraging all kids to travel to all the Corners of the World, guided by the core principles that shape our activities and gameplay, fostering a positive and inclusive experience.

Explore the distinctions between yourself and others. Gain insights into what makes us unique that also connects us. Delve into traditions, holidays, and the variety of sports people engage in. Understand the lifestyles of different cultures and contemplate your perceptions of them.

In the game, children will immerse themselves in learning about diverse cultures worldwide, connecting with other children from various backgrounds. Our quests actively promote collaboration, encouraging kids to engage continuously with people representing diverse cultures.

Celebrating and recognizing  our shared humanity is vital; our differences add richness to the tapestry of life, uniting us in a beautiful mosaic of diversity fostering a sense of unity in all.

Embracing Language

Language holds significance as it enables understanding. A rose remains a rose, yet diverse words may describe it. In the game, express yourself using language and music, communicating with others through a multi-lingual translation system.

Engage in safe and enjoyable chats with characters, breaking language barriers. We may all comprehend your message, but we may express it differently in our spoken and written words.

Musical Exploration

Delve into the world of music within the game, where you can acquire instruments, compose music, and collect a variety of musical expressions. Immerse yourself in the global soundscape, experimenting with instruments from different countries.

Form your own band and embark on an exciting tour across diverse world environments. Join others for collaborative jam sessions and engage in friendly musical riff battles. Unlock a personalized studio space where you can practice, decorate, and refine your musical skills.

Recognize music as the universal language, serving as a powerful means to communicate and connect with others in this immersive musical experience.

Embracing Kindness

In our shared journey, fostering harmony is essential. It involves respecting diverse ideas, words, and thoughts while practicing patience and mindfulness toward those from different backgrounds.

Harness your strengths and passions to contribute to a better world. Engage in Hero quests to enhance yourself and assist others in their journey towards personal growth. Let your unique abilities, passions, and the world’s needs inspire kindness, creating a more peaceful and better world for all.

Caring for the Environment

With only one world in our hands, the responsibility falls on each of us to preserve it for present and future generations. Contributing to a better living space involves doing what is right and true for our individual roles.

We encourage children to participate in environmental stewardship by going on quests where they will learn to adopt practices like recycling, reusing items, conserving resources, and minimizing waste. Embrace alternative energies such as wind and solar power to reduce pollution and to prioritize essentials like fresh, clean water and responsible waste disposal.

Addressing climate change is crucial, and in the game, kids learn about this through our fun environmental quests that show them how to contribute positively to the world, plant a virtual tree in the Whistlers Garden and extend that impact to the real world. We believe this will lead them to cherish the beauty of our world and actively care for it.

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